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Hindi is the official language of India along with English. It is a descendant of the Sanskrit language. It is spoken by around 545 million people around the world. By learning the language you will be able to communicate with people and express your thoughts and feelings. If you are a tourist visiting North India, you will have no trouble in learning the destinations and directions from civilians

The Hindi Language Course in Kolkata comprises of comprehensive study materials which aim to teach the language in easy ways. By learning the language you will be able to explore the culture of India extensively.

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Hindi is the official language of India and hence if you are looking to start a career, you can apply for any post(s) that you like. After completing the Hindi language course in Kolkata you will be able to explore the different job opportunities available across India and the world.

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class start : 1st June, 2020

Student Capacity : 45

Course Teachers : 02

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course description

About The Course

As the Hindi language is derived from ancient Sanskrit, it has to be taught with a structured approach. Our trainers therefore, teach the language with the help of detailed course materials and audio and video courses. Since this is an Indian language, it requires practice and tasks are being assigned to our students so that they practice in their home and classrooms to acquire proficiency in the language.

Our trainers give special attention to our students so as to solve the problems that they have while learning the language. As this is an Indian language, our trainers guide the students to pronounce the words correctly.

course details

The course in Hindi language will help you in writing, speaking and communicating with people. The course is taught with the help of expert trainers. The course focuses on developing the vocabulary in Hindi language along with sentence constructions and new words. You will be taught with the help of interactive examples so that you can memorize what is being taught. You will learn to greet people, learn the names of places, numbers etc through this course.

The Hindi Language Course also emphasizes on the variations of the language that can be noticed on the different regions of India where it is spoken and in this way students will get an idea of the language in whole.

The training program includes assignments which the students have to complete so as to identify their strength and weaknesses on the language. Additionally, the teachers will guide students on the ways to improve their Hindi rapidly.


  • Since Hindi is one of the official languages of India, learning it will give you an added advantage to communicate with the people.
  • By learning the language, you will be able to read and write it and hence take this as an additional language in academics.
  • By learning Hindi it will get easier for you to learn other languages of India.v
  • You will be able to learn about Indian culture and traditions by learning the language.


The Focus of the Training is to equip the students with the knowledge of Indian traditions and history along with the knowledge of the language.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Teachers who will educate the students in institutes
  • Tourist guides working for reputed travel agencies
  • Translators who can work in academics, corporate and government sectors
  • Interpreters who will help parties through communications


  • There are no specific requirements for this course. Anybody can join.
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Course Level

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (60 hrs)

Level B2 (60 hrs)

Level C1 (60 hrs)

Level C2 (60 hrs)

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course benefit

  • It is easy to learn
  • Be able to read basic sentences
  • Learn the basic vocabulary
  • Will help you to take up the advanced courses
  • Want a career? This is your gateway
  • Free study materials with audio CD's
  • One to one Training Opportunity
  • Flexible Timing

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