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Corporate Training

At the Institute of International Teachers Training, we provide Corporate Training to company employees. For a business to grow and expand, especially in today’s dynamic market where a plethora of factors impact the growth of organizations, Corporate Training is essential. Keeping this in mind we train the employees comprehensively so that they achieve the skills necessary to enhance the organization.

Our Corporate Training program aims to take your company to new heights by maintaining a productive workforce. The training will also help you to learn the methods of collaborating with your partners so as to expand your company.

Languages in Schools & Colleges

We provide Language Training in Schools & Colleges. Today, learning a new language will give you several benefits as there is a huge necessity for translators, interpreters, tourist guides and language trainers in the market. Hence, you can take up a career in this field if you have a good training. You can also work as a part-timer in the above-mentioned fields.

The training program in schools and colleges are being conducted by our language experts. We also conduct workshops where we discuss the requirements in this field and how to grow a career by learning a new language.

Translation & Interpretation Services

Translation & Interpretation is necessary to pursue a career after getting trained in Foreign Languages. We educate candidates on the procedures of translation so that they can develop meaningful sentences while maintaining the actual meaning. The training of interpretation is carried out by expert teachers who train the candidates the ways with which they can understand the meaning of the target language, translate and then speak the expressed thought in another language.

At IITT we provide these services for those candidates who are well versed in a foreign language(s). However, we also conduct demo sessions where we talk about the methods of translation and interpretation.


We provide Cultural training for foreigners with which they will be able to connect with the people wherever they visit. The program educates the foreigners about the ethnic beliefs, traditions, and rituals about the lands in which they are visiting.

The training also includes greeting the local people in their language, trying out their clothes, foods etc to develop a good bonding.

Guides for Foreigners

To visit a country and explore it, guidance is required. We provide extensive guidelines for foreigners with the help of which they will be able to learn and navigate to the places of interest. We also provide local guides who are well versed in the history and culture of the individual places. They will assist the foreigners in the places and provide them with necessary information about the place(s).

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