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At Institute of International Teachers Training, privacy is paramount and in the following lines we discuss our policies. As a visitor / client of our website, you will be able to learn about our privacy policy which will help you to understand how we manage the information you provide and the amount of control you have on them.

The Privacy Policy Comprises of
  • How User Information is Gathered?
  • Types of Information that we collect
  • Information sharing with third party (if any)
  • Policy Updates

We gather user information through a number of ways. When you register to our website, we store the information that you have provided in our servers and this includes your name, email id, country etc for managing the accounts. This data that we collect from our registration and survey forms help us in keeping track of the number of registered users. We do not sell this information to any third party organizations.

We collect different types of information. They are:

  • E-mails
  • We collect the emails of our users that they provide while registering or when contacting us for queries or suggestions/feedback. This is done to verify the registered user(s) and keep a track of the exchange of information that will, or has taken place between the website moderator and administrators.

  • Cookies
  • Information collection is carried out through the cookies to recognize and remember the user or the visitors’ computer. This leads to a rapid website loading from the users’ end and helps in providing website experience. However in this process we do not track a user’s activities on the computer or any other websites.

  • By The Users’ IP addresses
  • We collect users’ IP addresses when they visit the website. This helps us in determining website connectivity between us and the user(s). Further, we are able to solve problems (if any), that emerges or is present related to website connectivity. This we do to make sure our visitors/users are getting the complete website experience.

We do not share any collected data / user information with any third party website(s) except our subsidiaries (if any), courts and government-run investigation agencies. We also do not sell our user information to any third parties.

The above mentioned policies of Institute of International Teachers Training are updated from time to time and we notify our users with immediate effect. We use both, email and website notifications to keep our users / visitors updated.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact us

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