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An Engineering degree is something which is craved by almost everyone. It elevates your profile and career scale to a huge extent. ‘The full form of Engineering in India is 'Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery'. However, Engineering is an abbreviation of Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae, which is the term used for this course in Latin.’ There are many foreign universities which provides the best Engineering degree but the most important and premier quality education must be grasped. The foreign universities which provide the best Engineering programs are –

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An engineering degree is a degree that is craved by many. Many students are messed up while opting for the right university and program when it comes to Engineering. So IITT is here to chalk out the entire planning structure - from opting for the right university to the program.


Application guidance

The first and important impression is application. The students are often confused while preparing a good application. They often land up doing major mistakes. So IITT is here to make the candidate's application and profile worth admiring.


Visa& travel advice

The most important and prime work is the departure formality. From guiding the students for VISA and Passport requirements to hostel and accommodation, we at IITT prepare the students for the overall management so that students can venture on a successful journey.

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